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Sales Management

CRM i3 great transformer to alternating clause of Innovative, Intelligence and Information Cloud based Sales CRM Software, it takes good care of customer relationship management by its advanced features and customizability options to any industry.

Contact Management

CRM i3 helps you track your customer details from enquiry registration to lead conversion to sales support. it is easy customer interaction, sales automation, business information access, sales marketing & customer support.

Easy task Workflow

Optimize your sales efforts with the Innovative, Intelligence and Informative features of CRM i3. Take advantage of new trends interface and it's user workflow manage capabilities to increase time with customers, shorten sales cycles, increase close rates, and achieve real-time insight.

Customized Reports

Analyze sales and marketing management metrics at sales manager's levels to create Customize reports for optimize the sales funnel. CRM i3 offers you fully customizable reports and dashboards.

Mobile CRM

CRM i3 is easy to work online on multiple devices and it makes easier for your sales executives because it works seamlessly on their preferred time and place.

Sales Lead Analysis Report

Identify your successfull marketing plan and           strategy.
Choose your best conversation lead source.
See your latest leads or deals.
Analysing your sales activities.

Product Sales Analysis Report

Follow the Sales funnel Management
Increase in Sales Productivity
Increase in Sales Win Rate
Increase in Forecast Accuracy
Increase in Revenue

Free sales management tool for small businesses

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CRM Software enables the success of its customers with an integrated approach the considers : Innovative, Intelligence and Information.

Transform your business with CRM i3

How CRM i3 help your Sales and marketing operation?

Increase sales team productivity

The use of CRM innovation, Intelligence and Information technologies with sales can give your sales team's efficiency a gigantic support. CRM can facilitate your teams work by automating many tasks related to sales process.

Buid strong customer relationships

In sales and marketing maintaining relation with customers is most important for the business. By having a Sales CRM Software you can save much time and increase sales team productivity by interacting more with customers/ clients.

Enhanced communication

Communication with sales team when it face a decisive situation it ultimate comes to customer management. A Sales CRM Tool is a best way to help increase communication in the sales and marketing team as it allows to share information among themselves instantly.

Easy access to sales intelligence

Every sales team has an advanced and undeniable access lead information any time and any where. By CRM tool you can always maintain your leads easily.

Team Organized

Team organized is not easy for any sale head. In under CRM software you can manage your team better by using managerical skills technique to assign particular work, responsibilities and duties to a particular team members. It also gives you complete access to the leads and work accordingly.

Complete view of your customers

Working in lead generation team means working with customers and their potential challenging enquiries every day. when having so many business contacts, it is important to have all the necessary information in your system at a glance view as you communicate with them. Using Sale CRM you can get a better idea of all your leads whether they are current or potential.

Improved sales reporting

It is most extreme importance that sales is update the acquisition reports, which helps to analyse to target the market segment about future sales orientation and lead generation process. CRM Application will help you to resolve issues aprising due to sales reporting.

Increase customer satisfaction

Customers are the primary cocern of every business substantial lead and behind of that sales team are superior.Using CRM, sales people can increase customer satisfaction by customers feedback to the sales members. The suggestion forward for consideration can be analyzed within the system to provide reports and data which can then be used to create a product that matches or exceeds their expectations.

"Working in a team, ultimately leads to form a successful organization, using CRM I3."

Free sales management tool for small businesses